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Dis-couraged?  Dis-appointed?

The feelings of renewal, hope and possibility are some of the greatest feelings we can have and a welcome change from the gloomy mind-set of overwhelming discouragement and disappointment that can grow in our lives, I would like to examine those two words, discouraged and disappointed.  For it is in understanding what these words really mean that we can take action steps to move toward their opposites as well as formulate a plan to stay positive.

The root word of discouraged is courage.  Courage is defined as the ability to face danger, difficulty, uncertainty or pain without being overcome by fear or being deflected from a chosen course of action.  Notice the underlined portion of the definition says without being overcome.  The only way to not be overcome is to access your inner strength.  Where does your inner strength come from?  It comes from your Intelligent Life Energy!  When you are physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually in touch with the largest part of yourself (your Life Energy), you are better able to access and utilize all of your available resources, and carry on forward, even in the face of possible, probable or even present danger, difficulty, fear or pain. 

If you are ever feeling dis-couraged (i.e, if you have LOST your courage and are feeling overwhelmed), it may be because you have lost touch with your Intelligent Life Energy.  This can and often does occur because of a partial loss of CONNECTION in the nerves between your brain and your body.  We call this loss of connection and the subsequent decrease in the expression of Life Energy in your body, being SUBLUXATED.  This most often occurs due to a loss of function or alignment in the segments of your spinal column because of the intimate connection between your spine and nerve system. You can always see it in someone’s posture or body language.

This is where chiropractic can help you get back what the Cowardly Lion in the Wizard of Oz found was really right there inside of him all along – COURAGE!  By helping to restore and maintain alignment and function in your spine, chiropractors allow you to re-establish and maintain the CONNECTION between your brain and your body, so that you are as strong as you can be physically.  But even more than that, it also reconnects you consciously (mentally, emotionally and spiritually) with your Life Energy, so that you can once again find your inner strength!

Do you believe you have a purpose in life (even if you’re not sure yet what it might be)?  In other words, do you feel you were appointed with certain gifts and talents with which to serve the world?  If so, can you see that if you become dis-couraged – if you lose your CONNECTION to your Life Energy - you also lose your ability to be consciously aware of and work toward completing your appointed purpose?  Do you see that you will also become dis-appointed?

Make sure you and your family get connected and stay connected to the highest part of yourselves – your Intelligent Life Energy – your POWER - by seeing your chiropractor every week or two.  That way you will spend more of your days being en-couraged­ and em-powered to be and do your absolute best, all the days of your life – YES YOU CAN!!!