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Death and Taxes 

Not too long ago, I watched the movie “Meet Joe Black”.  In the movie, Brad Pitt plays the “Angel of Death” who wants to experience what life on Earth is like.  To do this, he makes a deal with Anthony Hopkins’ character to give him a little more time alive, in exchange for helping the angel out and acting as an Earthly guide.  Early in the film, another character speaks the famous line, “The only sure things in life are death and taxes!”  The Angel of Death replies inquisitively, “Death and taxes…Death and taxes?  Quite an odd pairing!”


Initially I agreed, it was an odd pairing. Then, I repeated the line several times silently to myself; I realized that for many people, these two are very much related!  What I mean is that we know there are 3 basic categories of stress…physical, chemical and emotional.  For many people, tax time is a very stressful time mentally.  Mental or emotional stress quickly causes a chain reaction in the body with chemical and physical stress both following in short order.


There are some people who do just fine during tax time.  They don’t seem to be bothered at all because they are fully prepared (I personally don’t know any of these people, but I’m told they exist).  Some individuals get all 3 kinds of stress in abundant quantities during tax time.  They spend many hours preparing and reviewing tax returns for other people.  They usually get lots of mental stress, a less than nutritious diet, no exercise and they sit all day.  They also get very little sleep during this period of 1 – 4 months every spring. Another group of individuals wait until the last minute to do everything putting themselves through heck for anywhere from 1 to 7 days and, of course, the majority of us who are somewhere in the middle.


One last group that must be mentioned are our families.  Our spouses, and especially our kids, are definitely affected whenever there is added stress in our lives, they too will often experience changes that may seem hard to explain.  As B. J. Palmer once said, “You never know how far reaching something you think, say or do today may affect the lives of millions tomorrow.”


Recognizing the added stress most of us experience at this time is important because we know that stress of any kind beyond our ability to adapt will cause an imbalance in the nerve system and sets into motion the subluxation process.  If this is not attended to, a continuing downward spiral in your health and vitality will result, and there is no telling where it might end!


For this reason, it is a good idea to make sure you and your family get adjusted, a little more often during this time if you are in any group other than the first one listed above.  Another thing that will help you raise your resistance to the stresses associated with tax time is to focus on your refund!  Being grateful in advance for what is on its way is a very powerful thing!  Even if you do not have a refund coming, having an attitude of gratitude for all of the good things you and your family experience each day will shift your focus and keep you moving toward wholeness physically, chemically, mentally and emotionally.


You may never have thought about tax time in this way before, but if our families and we are to continue expressing life at the highest possible level, we must maintain clear connections in our bodies!  Make sure you follow this advice!  That way, even if tax time continues to be stressful, your family can join the “Angel of Death” in thinking that death and taxes are indeed an odd pairing.