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Where Shall We Lead Them?

Pick a number between 1 and 10 and multiply it by 9 (if you now have a one digit number, skip the next step).  Add the two digits in the number you now have.  Now, subtract 5.  Assign your number a letter of the alphabet (1=A, 2=B, 3=C, etc.).  Next, think of a country in Europe that begins with your letter.  Now, take the second letter of your country’s name, and think of the largest animal that begins with that letter.

Are you thinking of an elephant in Denmark?  This is a fascinating and fun party trick that shows how we can lead people to exactly where we want them to be, and to think exactly what we want them to think.  Many teachers in our profession suggest that this is the purpose of the educational programs we do in our offices – to get people to accept our thoughts and ideas, the way we see them, and to live the way we think is best.

I used to share this same goal myself.  After all, I have spent nearly a quarter of a century in school and in practice studying and learning these things, and that’s why people come to me in the first place - to learn from me, their teacher, how to live a healthier life…isn’t it?

All of the best teachers I have ever had have been those who have taught me by not teaching me.  That is, they taught from the understanding that all the knowledge any of us ever need is already there, right inside of us.  It just needs to be brought into conscious awareness.  These teachers have helped me accomplish this by asking me specific questions and allowing me the space and time to divine my own answers.

Because I came to these new levels of understanding by thinking of these answers myself, I owned them.  And, I gained my knowledge at whatever my next level of understanding was, not theirs.

We are all on our own journeys.  Real teachers and healers understand this and, as such, do not force their own interpretations of “what is” onto others.  Instead, they allow others to learn at their own pace.  Is our job to bring others to where we think they should be?  Or, is it to give them the opportunity to progress to their own next step, whatever, wherever and whenever that might be?

We all have a window to look through to see whatever our own truths are, but sometimes the windows are dirty, and seeing our way is difficult.  Subluxation clouds our mind’s eye and acts to block our vision of what and where our next step should be.

Chiropractic is about cleaning the windows and opening doors.  It is about helping restore the full expression of Life, it is about Freeing people from opaqueness and helping them see the light clearly.  It is not our job to push people through the door, or to make choices for them about what to do once they are through it!

Our job is, very simply, to allow them to take their next step, if they so choose, and to love them unconditionally for who they have been, who they are now, and who they will be.  And, each time we are able to do this, we end up taking our own next step as well.