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Dr. Larry Wood

I grew up hearing "As you get older your body will ache ... deal with it". I work and play hard and just figured it was normal to have pain, so I lived with it, until, I had trouble sleeping because of pain in my knee and shoulder. A friend suggested I see a Dr, one who was really interested in helping me get healthy, not just cover up the pain. Turns out I have a mild case of scoliosis and that's not too uncommon these days. I also had complications with my neck and lower back on top of that. I didn't understand how my spine made my knee and shoulder hurt, my back didn't hurt. Dr. Larry said I could be helped. Bottom line ... 1 was sleeping better in 2 weeks; the pain was gone in 2 months. I feel better then I have in ten years. As an added bonus, I haven't even had a head ache from chronic sinusitis. I feel better in so many ways in the 11 months I've been here. I continue to see Dr. Larry for regular adjustments. Chiropractic care and Dr. Larry worked for me!

Jim – Kunkletown, PA


I came to this office because I had a hard time focusing because of constant migraines. I had one migraine that caused an accident because I was focused on the pain and not the road. The only thing that helped was over the counter migraine medication and sleeping, but that wasn't fixing the problem, it was only masking the pain. I have only had one migraine since starting chiropractic care. I also made it through my first trimester of pregnancy with very little morning sickness!

Nikke – Kunkletown, PA


I had an ongoing lower back pain that seemed to get worse. My work suffered, I was getting depressed. My favorite thing to do is work in my garden and I couldn't be very productive because I had a hard time bending down. I was going to a chiropractor that, never took an x-ray so he could not have known my body, taking a lot of over the counter medications and did not want to go to an MD because I was afraid of being heavily medicated or having surgery. My outlook on life changed when I saw Dr. Larry. I am eating better, exercising, taking better vitamins. I can see now that it's a much bigger picture for good health then getting one adjustment, it's an ongoing maintenance. I have a lot more to learn and a long way to go but I know that I'm on the right track. Thank you so much!

Donna – Albrightsville, PA


After the first week of treatment at Community Chiropractic Center I noticed when I awoke there was no discomfort and by the third week I felt like a new person. I have arthritis of the spine and had no feeling in my right arm. Thanks to Dr. Larry I was able to move again and stop pain management drugs!

Kathy S – Pocono Summit, Pa

I first came to this office because of an automobile accident. I quickly learned that the symptoms I had were not due all to the accident. My past experiences and current physical activity have caused problems I would've never know about had I not visited Dr. Larry at Community Chiropractic. I had lower back pain and was uncomfortable all the time. Within a month I noticed a change in my posture, my allergies were relieved and I had more energy.

Daniel – Albrightsville, PA


I had a back problem for months to where I couldn't get a good night sleep. I tried medicine and sleeping with a pillow under me but it never worked. I came to see Dr. Larry and was like new again after a few weeks. I'm now back to normal activities. The pain went away, I was less irritable and I could do what I wanted again.

Giz – Albrightsville, PA


I had extreme discomfort in my lower back and leaned about twenty degrees to one side. It felt like one leg was shorter than the other. Even when walking I was in constant pain. I was taking over the counter pain relievers, seeing a chiropractor and physical therapy. Multiple visits and I had no relief. I came to Community Chiropractic Centerand followed the recommendations for me. Now, I'm straight! It feels good to get out of bed and see a straight body in the mirror every morning! I have my full mobility back and no pain.

Gary – Effort, Pa


Over my 50 years of life, as Dr. Wood puts it, L.I.F.E – Letting Intelligence Freely Express; there has been a great deal of wear and tear on my body. Whether physical or mental stress, there is also just plain neglect. I know that I am guilty of all three, but I also know that I have tried to correct these problems by exercising, seeing different chiropractors and physical therapists. As I have gone from one to another, I experienced that not all chiropractors work the same. For example, one might help one person, but may not be able to help you or me to where our bodies are satisfied or comfortable once again. I must confess, there was one Chiropractor that met my needs, but the distance was so great to travel 3 times a week as needed; especially with the price of gas today.

So what directed me to see Dr. Wood? Through conversation with a few friends, I picked up a lot of good comments/results through their experiences with Dr. Wood. And it was recommended that I give him a shot. I figured what the heck, one more chiropractor. Maybe I will get into the book of world records. Plus he is right here in the town of Brodheadsville.

Well it has been about 2 months now, approximately 24 visits and we have made great progress. Notice that I said we, why? Dr. Wood makes it perfectly clear in the beginning that it is a team effort. The patient (you or me) needs to understand what he (the Doctor) is doing and why. The patient also needs to do their homework which I have done. Although we still have a lot of work to do, my confidence tells me that my comfort zone is will within reach. I actually feel stronger and more flexible. And flexible I am not, and never was.

Like I have said, “My Confidence is High.” Thank you Dr. Wood

Vince – Snydersville, PA

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